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Register to attend the Back 2 School BASH!

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  • All children in Mooresville grades K-12 invited!
  • STUDENT must attend the day of the event with the parent or guardian.
  • Adults attending the Bash alone will NOT be given school supplies.
  • Registration Deadline: Monday, July 1st.

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NOTE: There will be THREE BASH Locations this year!
This is the registration site for MOORESVILLE.
If your School is not listed below, Click Here to visit the Statesville Area Bash site.
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1:30 PM (198 Spaces Remaining)
As a part of Bash - we serve a FREE hot dog lunch. It includes hot dogs, chips, an oatmeal cream cookie, and bottled water. Everyone in your family who comes to BASH is welcome to enjoy lunch. To give us a rough idea of how much food to prepare, please let us know the number of people in your family that might enjoy lunch. If you are registering multiple students, just give us the total number on one of your registrations.
We will have a LIMITED number of shoes available.
If you would like to register to receive a free pair of shoes, please click "Yes" below, then a new section will appear that will let you specify shoe size, gender etc.... Be specific (ie. men's size 10 or children's size 12). If you do not want shoes, select "No shoes" below. (1475 pairs of shoes remaining)
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